The leg that was

After my first enthusiastic post on blogging way back in 2009, I am finally back to blogging after a ‘short’ break. Yaay!! Ok it was just one single post, but still that is all that we need to describe ourselves in our CV as an ‘ardent blogger’ in the hobbies list right?
Which brings me back to the reason why I am finally getting down to blogging. Well, it starts like this….. Once upon a time, there was this girl who was about to get onto the pavement and just as she kept her leg onto its surface, it broke and her leg twisted. End of story. Now it happens that the leg that got twisted pretty much got the underlying delicate ligament damaged, which resulted in a week of plaster, a.k.a, creative time, or that is what I would have loved to call it. 
One whole week was enough time to finish off few novels, teach academics to my bro and help him in his annual exams, watch few movies, do some interesting reading, devour the newspapers, blog , eat and sleep. These were all my plans to employ in the creative time that my family wanted me to utilize “efficiently and usefully”. But as all perfect creative plans materialize, I ended up ticking off the 2 most important things: eat and sleep alternatively all day. I did make an attempt in teaching but the tremendous response that I received,  in the form of my bro sleeping, made me revert to my usual cycle of creative dreams during sleep.
Not that its my first tryst with plaster; the last time I was in it, I slept through 3 weeks successfully. Utter boredom has brought me to blogging. Or as the definition states, no internet, no movies, no people and study. 
A day in a life of a plastered victim starts like this…wake up morning, call nature even if it doesn’t give call, have breakfast and go back to bed after mum leaves. And try sleeping. The reason being that every time I fall into deep sleep or go to the bathroom, or when I have successfully crossed the hall to the bedroom hopping on one feet, the landline or the door bell rings at the highest possible tone. And by the time I successfully hop to the respective location, it turns out to be some relative who wants to speak to my mum Who-has-already-left-and-has-a-cellphone-with-her. And the person near the doorbell has already left too. This can honestly be added to the long list of laws that are generically titled Murphy’s laws whether Mr.Murphy himself is aware of it or not. 
Another interesting thing that I observed was that having a plaster in your leg gives your family the best excuse to bring you back to the healthy (read fat) form that they have in mind from the malnourished weak state we appear to be (read slim and fit). So after the food regime, by the time u reach the end of the rest period, your other healthy leg is liable to suffer a fracture owing to the immense weight gain and the pressure on it as a result. Sigh!! Needn’t have struggled so much for losing weight had I foreseen this.

My first post

world in ur palms...

world in ur palm...

Helllloooooooooo!!!!!!!Hi everyone!!This is my first post on wordpress. I have been wanting to create an account in wordpress for long but never got the time or kept forgetting it when I did get time. So,now,finally I did it.phew! If you ask me how I got the time now or how I managed to remember to open an account on wordpress atleast now,well,here’s how it happened. We had a session on blogging in our college today,just an introduction on blogging-the what,why and how. And we were asked to create our own accounts in wordpress as a beginning.And of course I jumped at the chance. So that’s how I ended up here. I got to check out really good blogs by my friends and people from my college,which kind of made me want to just try out blogging once. And that’s all for my first post as a blogger on wordpress. Don’t worry,there is more to come. Till then it’s bye from me,swesam!